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Ruth Dent


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Acrylic on canvas 

The Te Deum Seasons Series (Ireland in F)

This setting by John Ireland is extraordinarily uplifting and positive. Initial charcoal drawings provided gestural marks and colour is used to express each season.

L’Été is lush and full, with a myriad of colours, like sunshine streaming through stained glass windows.

L’Automne is as plentiful as a good harvest and has a thickly layered centre, reminiscent of conkers and fallen leaves.

For L’Hiver I wanted to capture with fewer colours, the bright, surprising highlights which compliment the chilly air and short days.

Finally, Le Printemps brings a fresh start and new growth, which I have expressed using fewer layers giving greater visibility to the gestural marks. As these were all painted in France, I have used the French names for the seasons.


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